Developed over the past 35 years by Lorin Roche, Instinctive Meditation is designed to strengthen your intuition, instincts, and individuality.

Obstacles on the Path

Whenever we set out to change something in our lives, whenever we put our feet on the path of adventure, obstacles arise. It's always something unexpected. The CD falls out of the book. You lose the number of the person you were going to call. A deadlines arises. Relatives come to visit. You get confused about what technique to do. The battery on your iPod goes dead. The phone rings.

When I was on my way to take my first meditation instruction, back in 1968, I was pulled over by a Highway Patrol officer for not having the current registration sticker on my back bumper. I had paid for it, but forgot to put it on the car. He was new, and this was his first citation, and he took a long, long time to write everything up. So I was late for my appointment, and exasperated. But it turned out OK. Several years later, in 1970, when when I was on my way up the mountain to attend a meditation teacher training course, there was a blizzard. I wound up driving along a winding mountain road, at night, in a blizzard, with snow drifts of two to three feet cresting over the hood of my car. The following year, on an advanced meditation teacher training course in Majorca, the hotel I was in was next to a construction site and the workers were using dynamite to blast out a foundation. At unpredictable intervals, explosions would go off. But I made that be OK and had a profound, transformative experience.

Recently a businessman came to my studio for his first meditation session. I thought that maybe some obstacles would arise, so twice I emailed detailed driving instructions to his secretary, then called her and checked that he got them. She said yes. When he called, I checked that he knew the way. His office is only a mile from the place where I teach, so he said, "I know exactly where you are, you are right across from Crossroads School." Then I gave him my cell phone number, and stood outside so that I could see him arrive. He still got lost. Turns out there are several locations for Crossroads, and he thought it was the other one. He pulled over and called me on my cell phone, but at that moment, a huge SUV with mega-power boom boom boom speakers pulled up, blasting rap music at rock concert volumes. I could not hear the cell phone ring. Finally he showed up, late and exasperated.

Dancing with Obstacles

Obstacles arise because we are on an adventure. Obstacles are the universe's way of asking you, "Are you sure you want to meditate? Are you really really sure?" Just having the intention to learn to meditate means you have begun. There is some kind of a dance, where an intention leads to resistance, and how we deal with the resistance shapes the outcome.

Obstacles are impersonal. It's just the force of inertia, just the universe pushing back because you are going to put love into action. Meditation is being intimate with life, with the current of your own life force. The challenges to meditation are similar in some ways to the obstacles to a love relationship.

How to Deal with Internal Obstacles

Sometimes the obstacles are purely internal. You get the book, and you have a quiet moment to explore meditating, you close your eyes, but then you find your mind is too busy. Or you fall asleep.

Usually the way to deal with inner obstacles is straightforward.

If your mind is busy, let it be busy and sort itself out. About half of everyone's meditation is just watching your brain sorting its to-do list. If you want to take a load off, then spend some time before meditation going over your action list – sort it and prioritize, then you will not have to spend as much time doing that during meditation.

If you fall asleep in meditation, it means you have a sleep debt. Get an extra half-hour a night sleep.

There is a whole series of such minor obstacles, and Meditation Made Easy is a good resource for learning how to handle them.